April 22, 2013

Mother Earth for Earth Day

Vi is a retired school teacher who loves to dress up in costumes and crash events around town.  I first photographed Vi last month at Madison's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade where she was the self-appointed Ms.Ireland.  I caught up with her at the annual Isthmus Green Day celebration where she was Mother Earth.   She told me that after she retired she didn't want to just sit at home, so she's been dressing up and hitting the town ever since.  

Her outfits are quite elaborate and she has amazing accessories.  Her hat was springing with flowers and feathers and even a bird. Still an educator in retirement, she'll ask you what type of bird is in that hat.  I was a little thrown off by the bluish color on the wings and guessed wrong.   It's a Robin of course.  

If you ever see Vi out at an event (you can't miss her) be sure to stop and say hi.  She loves to have her picture taken and quite enjoys chatting with folks.   I think it's a great way to spend one's retirement.

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