January 26, 2014

Endless Winter 2014

It seems that this is one of the coldest and snowy winters since my arrival in WI over 20 years ago. The first few snowfalls can be beautiful, but once we start moving close February, I keep asking myself, "what was I thinking by moving to WI?". For those with their own home, a snowblower and a good shovel is a must. In Madison, if you don't shovel your sidewalks by noon the day following a measurable snowfall, you run the risk of a $124.00 citation. It's a pain for the homeowner, but it sure makes life easier for the pedestrian.


January 17, 2014

Portraits - Cole

Had a portraits session with Cole as a favor to me to have some non-pressure time in my apartment portrait studio to refine my portrait lighting.   I also added some treatment to the final images by increasing the contrast and reducing the saturation.   I sort of dig it.

Portait - (c) Stick People Productions Photography

Portait - (c) Stick People Productions Photographer

Portait - (c) Kelly Doering PhotographyPortait - (c) Kelly Doering Photographer - Madison, WI

Portait - (c) Kelly Doering Photography - Madison, WI

Portait - (c) Stick People Productions Photography - Madison, WI