March 19, 2012

WANTED: Over the Road Truck Drivers For Photo Projects

Awhile back I had the good fortune of riding along a week at a time with two different over the road truck drivers to document life on the road. It's an interesting subculture that most people don't think much about. It's a solitary life on the road with long days of driving and eating, bathing and sleeping at truck stops. It was really good to spend time with Ric and Rob, and I appreciated them allowing me to ride along and follow them around with my camera. We got some curious looks at the truck stops not to mention the occasional suspicious questioning at drop-off locations. There was some  concern that I was trying to steal company secrets or canvasing a place.  I'm look for more drivers to work with and continue to build my portfolio of images for this personal project. To view images from this project visit my web site

March 8, 2012

International Women's Day

In honor of International Women's Day I thought I would post some images of international women. In my travels, I've observed that women do in fact carry the primary burden of labor and care of family and community. They really deserve more than a day to be recognized.
Alenga, Uganda

Kalej Valley - Darjeeling, India

March 3, 2012

Local Soul Caliber V Gamers Featured in Isthmus

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from Isthmus asking if I'd be interested in hanging out at the Ten Pin Bowling Alley in Fitchburg, WI and make some photographs of a group of gamers. At first I was told it was a Saturday night by the photo editor, but found out it was Sunday night instead. Always good to confirm place and time with your point person/subject before showing up at a venue.

 I thought this might be interesting. I've never been much for video games since the old days when I had to put a quarter in a slot at the arcade to play and even then my choices were Pac Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Aliens or Tetris. Soul Calibur V is a bit more complicated and they even had Soul Calibur custom control stick. Jimmi Choi is the local organizer of these regular double elimination tournaments and has been doing so for a number of years. It was a nice group of folks and they were very tolerant of me making photos while they were trying to concentrate on the battle at hand.
Soul Calibur V Gaming Competition

Soul Calibur V Gaming CompetitionSoul Calibur V Gaming Competition
Soul Calibur V Gaming Competition
Soul Calibur V Gaming Competition