March 31, 2013

Soulard Farmer's Market - St. Louis, MO

While spending time in St. Louis over the Easter weekend, I visited the historic Soulard Farmer's Market just south of downtown. There's been a continuous market at this location since 1779, one of the oldest in the United States.   It has an indoor main hall with 4 open air wings filled with produce, meats, live animals, spices and various crafts.  The best way to browse the market is to drop by Julia's Market Cafe and pick up her Bloody Mary, voted the Best Bloody Mary in the 2012 River Front Times poll.  If you don't like a spicy, ask the happy drink mixers to hold the spicy sprinkle finisher. 

While hanging out in the main hall I was drawn to the bedazzeled hat of this gentleman on the left. His name is Professor Mitch Wadley and his friend is Keith Carroll both musicians who play outside the market. Professor Wadley told me that he played bass for George Clinton back in the day. They were more than happy to let me photograph them and then proceeded to ask me for some monetary help.  I didn't give them any money, but I did send them some prints.

March 30, 2013

One Light Portraits

I'm a fan of traveling light and seeing what I can create with what I have. It's easy as a photographer to accumulate more and more equipment. I'm not saying their aren't things on my equipment bucket list, but I take the minimum when I travel. These images of cousins Alison and Abby were made with a speed light and a hand held mini-softbox. It can be a little specular, but I put a diffuser on the speedlight inside the soft box to tone it down a bit. I'm also a fan of using the sky just after sunset as a backdrop. That cobalt blue is gorgeous in my opinion. It's also easier to control the light on the subject.

March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Every St. Patrick's Day (or the closest Sunday to it), Madison hold their annual parade around the Capitol Square.  It's a rather short jaunt around the capitol, but Madison likes to show it's green and get their Irish on.  It's also a good excuse to dress up and do some drinking of course.  And, it's not Madison without a little protest to boot.  Since winter has held it's grip a little longer this year, the clear sunny day was a good excuse to get out and celebrate the day. Spring must be just around the corner right?  


 Forward! Marching Band
 Forward! Marching Band