November 26, 2014

Jerry - Over The Road Trucker

Jerry hails from Southern Missouri and lives just off the highway I was traveling on my way to visit my family for Thanksgiving.   He's an independent owner/operator who travels with his very loyal (and well-fed) companion Izzy, a miniature pinscher.

(c) Stick People Productions - Kelly Doering, Photographer

(c) Stick People Productions - Kelly Doering, Photographer

November 25, 2014

Chad - Over The Road Trucker

I met Chad at his company's terminal outside of East Saint Louis since I was passing through the area on my way to visit family in Missouri for Thanksgiving.  He had expressed an interest in being part of my 2015 calendar project, so I decided make the meeting happen.   I arrived as the sun was setting and knew I had a short window of time before I lost all available light.   I got my single speed-lite set up and went to work.   Traditionally, I convert the images from my ongoing trucker project to black and white, but I really like the saturated colors in these images.  I'm making an exception this time.

(c) Stick People Productions - Truckers
(c) Stick People Productions - Truckers - Kelly Doering, Photographer

November 14, 2014

David - Over The Road Trucker

Finally met David in person after communicating for a couple of years.  He runs primarily regional out of Upstate New York, but this time he was coming to the Chicago area for a night so I drove down from Madison to meet up with him.   It was the first cold snap of the winter which was a little uncomfortable for making portraits, but the crisp clear morning made for some nice light.   David is a great guy.   Laughs a lot and he was quite comfortable in front of the camera.

(c) Stick People Productions - Over The Road Trucker

(c) Stick People Productions - Truck Driver - Kelly Doering, Photographer

(c) Stick People Productions - Trucker - Photo by Kelly Doering