May 19, 2015

Mikey & Keith - Over The Road Team Truck Drivers

Over The Road Truck Drivers - Kelly Doering, Photographer

Mikey and Keith stopped in Madison for breakfast after picking up a military fuel truck bound for California. Keith and I have had a few near misses. He's been in the area before, but at times that I wasn't available. I'm happy that it worked out this time, and they let me make some photographs after breakfast.

They have been team driving for over a year, and not long ago started driving for Bear Leather Transport.   A relatively new start-up by Brian and Amos, who have appeared in a previous post.  Driving as a team has the advantage of running the truck around the clock. One drives while the other takes his required 10 hour break to sleep.   They can cover more ground,  make more deliveries, and share expenses of the truck as well as earnings.    They literally stay out on the road full time without a permanent address.   Riding along with them is Mikey's rescue pit bull named Justice. A sweet and happy guy who has taken to the road quite well.

I appreciate them taking the time to stop and have breakfast before heading back out on the road.  It was great to finally meet.


May 17, 2015

John - Over the Road Truck Driver

John - Over the Road Truck Driver - Stick People Productions Photography

While on a weekend trip to Minneapolis, I connected with John. He was on home time from a 6 week run in his truck.   He's been driving for over 26 years and is usually out on the road for 5 to 6 week stretches with about 5 days home. For company on the road, he travels with his cat Kota. It was great to meet John and hang with him a bit in the Twin Cities. He's also open to a possible ride-along as subject in my ongoing project documenting life on the road of over the road truck drivers so stay tuned!