December 22, 2011

The Longest Night Of The Year

Every winter solstice the Friends of Starkweather Creek start a bunch of wood on fire in Madison's Olbrich Park and celebrate the gradual return of sunlight. At the end of the event, paper hot air balloons are launched into the night sky. They say it's safe, and it's rather magical as they float out of sight. Ironically, the star in the middle stays close to the ground.

Happy Solstice!

December 21, 2011

Help-Portrait Photo Distribution at The River

This evening with some fellow photographers, I went to The River Food Pantry to help hand out the portraits we made for the Help-Portrait project.   It was wonderful to see the reactions and heard the stories of the recipients.  One gentleman was so thrilled that he was going to have a Christmas gift for his girlfriend living several states away.  

It was also sobering to see the large number of people who had come for a meal and get food from the pantry.  The River is an amazing resource for people in need during these tough economic times and can always use the support of donors and volunteers.