August 27, 2013

Charleston - Over The Road Tanker Truck Driver

Another installment of my personal photo project documenting life on the road of over the road truck drivers.

I rode with Charleston, a Milwaukee, WI based driver. He drives tanker truck for Klemm on a dedicated route between Milwaukee and St. Louis, Mo delivering 4,000 gallons of laundry detergent 3 nights a week.

I met up with Charleston at the terminal in Milwaukee on a Friday afternoon, jumped in the truck and hit the road to St. Louis. It took a little getting used to how the truck handles with a tank full of a liquid. Unlike box trailers, this product moves and shifts and can pull and jerk the truck when stopping and starting.   Being with a tank driver also gave me something new to work with visually. 

Charleston is a great guy. He welcomed me in his truck and was quite comfortable with having a personal paparazzi on board.  He's been driving truck since 2005, first as a long haul and now with a dedicate run. For some, dedicated runs can get a bit boring and mundane, but the advantage is that you are home in your own bed on a regular basis. It also helps to have a great soundtrack of disco and R&B on the iPhone as Charleston does. 

Since this was a short overnight trip, I didn't feel I had the opportunity to get a variety of images and situations. It didn't help that the company we delivered to would not let me out of the truck with the camera. It's not unusual given security and company secrets, but it's typically where the more interesting things happen visually.  I do felt like I came away with some keepers for both myself and Charleston.

It was great to finally meet Charleston in person and get to document a bit of his world. I'm always grateful when drivers such as Charleston take the chance to have a stranger in their truck in support of my project.

August 12, 2013

Dipping My Toes Into The World Of Tour Organizing

Willis (Sears) Tower -  Wendella River Cruise, Chicago, IL - (c) Stick People Productions
For the previous 5 years, I had been doing some part-time tour directing for a local motorcoach company as a way to earn some extra money and do my second favorite   As a tour director, the trip and itinerary was all planned out for me. My main responsibility was to research our destinations and make sure the trip went as planned by the office.

After leaving my tour director position this past year, I  thought it would be an interesting challenge to organize some small tours of my own.  My first trip was a four day to St. Louis, and this most recent tour was weekend to Chicago.   I made all the arrangements, rented a 12 person van...which I discovered is really not made for 12 people...and got 10 friends and acquaintances to sign up.

The weather was perfect and the group all got along great.   We took a Wendella Chicago River Tour, saw a show at Second City Comedy and spent an afternoon at the North Halsted Street Market Days and finished it off with a relaxing stop at the King Spa & Sauna in Niles, IL.   Overall it was a great success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Just might have to do this again...
Wrigley (right) Tribune (left) buildings - Wendella River Cruise, Chicago, IL - (c) Stick People Productions
Trump Tower - Wendella River Cruise, Chicago, IL - (c) Stick People Productions Wendella River Cruise, Chicago, IL - (c) Stick People Productions
Wendella River Cruise, Chicago, IL - (c) Stick People Productions
Wendella River Cruise, Chicago, IL - (c) Stick People Productions
Dinner at Connie's Pizza - Chicago, IL - (c) Stick People Productions
Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park and Chicago Skyline - (c) Stick People Productions
Belmont Marian, Chicago, IL
Halsted St Market Days, Chicago, IL - (c) Stick People Productions
Halsted St Market Days, Chicago, IL - (c) Stick People ProductionsA Thousand Julys Playing at Halsted Market Days, Chicago, IL
Michael & John - (c) Stick People Productions
Paul showing off his pride - (c) Stick People Productions
A relaxed group after a visit to the King Spa - (c) Stick People Productions

August 8, 2013

Senior Portraits - Alex

Theres are a few images from a high school senior portrait session with Alex at the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison, WI.  I always enjoy working with high school seniors with the excitement and anticipation of their final year in high school and graduation and a reminder of those days for me many years ago.

Alex - High School Senior Portraits - By Kelly Doering, PhotographerAlex - High School Senior Portraits - (c) Stick People Productions

Alex - High School Senior Portraits - (c) Stick People ProductionsAlex - High School Senior Portraits - (c) Kelly Doering, Photographer

August 3, 2013

Cullen Weston Pines & Bach - Professional Portraits

Spent a morning at Cullen Weston Pines & Bach law firm of Madison, WI.  They are a progressive firm that specializes in labor, environmental and civil law to name a few.  I like doing sessions like this on location.   It gets me out of the studio and get to see interesting locations.